Regional News 

Turkmenistan Aims to Develop New Oilfields

27 Dec 2017

SOCAR and Statoil Will Jointly Explore Azerbaijani Sector of Caspian Sea

21 Dec 2017

Summit of Caspian States Leaders to be Held in Astana in Spring of 2018

13 Dec 2017

LUKOIL Drills Exploratory Wells for Filanovsky Oilfield

08 Dec 2017

Caspian Seal Protection Enforced at International level

06 Dec 2017

Caspian Sea Status Discussed in Moscow

05 Dec 2017

Caspian States Extend Ban on Commercial Sturgeon Catch

01 Dec 2017

Kazakhstan Tightens Measures on Caspian Sea Protection

20 Nov 2017

Another Protocol on Delimitation of Caspian sea Bottom Signed in Chelyabinsk

10 Dec 2017

Caspian Rescue Services Hold Joint Drills in Caspian Sea

08 Nov 2017

Caspian Summit Can Be held in Astana in Early 2018

02 Nov 2017

LUKOIL Raises Daily Oil Production at Filanovsky Oilfield

27 Oct 2017

Baku to Host International Oil Spill Conference

24 Oct 2017

International Conference Held in Ashgabat

19 Oct 2017

Astrakhan Hosts Conference on Caspian Ecosystem Conservation

16 Oct 2017

Lukoil to Assist Iran in Caspian Oil Production

05 Oct 2017

Talks on Caspian Sea Status Enter Final Stage

02 Oct 2017

Caspian Sea legal status to be discussed in Astrakhan

27 Sep 2017

Caspian Seal Study Project Presented in Moscow

26 Sep 2017

BP Installs Topsides at Shah-Deniz Oilfield

25 Sep 2017

Iran Can Start Importing Water From Caspian Sea

22 Sep 2017

Leaders of Caspian States MFAs to Meet in Nearest Future

14 Sep 2017

Ballast Water Management Convention enters into force

11 Sep 2017

LUKOIL intends to raise oil production at Filanovsky oilfield

25 Aug 2017

Price for Black Caviar Drops

22 Aug 2017

Tehran Convention Secretariat Moves Headquarters

28 Aug 2017

Government Worried About Volga Ecosystem

18 Aug 2017

Caspian Tourism Will Be Developed Through Joint Effort

17 Aug 2017

Catch of Some Fish Species Restricted in Caspian Basin

16 Aug 2017

Agricultural Wastes Contribute to Caspian Sea Pollution

14 Aug 2017

Turkmenistan Celebrates Caspian Sea Day

11 Aug 2017

Caspian Research Institute to Open in Aktau

10 Aug 2017

SOCAR Starts Drilling New Offshore Well

07 Aug 2017

Dadestan Reserve Entered in UNESCO List

03 Aug 2017

Astrakhan to celebrate Caspian Sea Day

31 Jul 2017

More than 10 m kutum juveniles released in Caspian Sea

27 Jul 2017

Caspian Seal Rehab to Be Built in Dagestan

23 Jun 2017

Giant Oil and Gas Field to be Developed in Kazakhstan

21 Jun 2017

LUKOIL Launches Fifth Well at Filanovsky Oilfield

14 Jun 2017

Unique Caspian Sea Island Shrinks

13 Jun 2017

Ashgabat Hosts Talks on Caspian Sea Legal Status

05 Jun 2017

Caspian Sea legal status to be discussed in Ashgabat

29 May 2017

Large Sturgeon Breeding Plant to be Launched in Dagestan

22 May 2017

Russian Ambassadors to Caspian States Meet in Astrakhan

19 May 2017

Norway Ready to Develop Iranian Oil Fields

16 May 2017

Turkmenistan Plans to Clean Caspian Shore

10 May 2017

Sturgeon Population Grows in Russian Sector of Caspian Sea

27 Apr 2017

More than 250 Dead Seals Found on Kazakhstan Coast

26 Apr 2017

2 Million Tons of Oil Produced at Kashagan Field

24 Apr 2017

LUKOIL Continues Field Facilities Construction for Filanovsky Oilfield

21 Apr 2017

Russia, Iran Call for Extension of Ban on Commercial Sturgeon Fishing

20 Apr 2017

Kazakhstan Expects Ban on Sea Fish Catch

19 Apr 2017

Moscow Hosted Caspian Dialogue-2017

18 Apr 2017

Researchers Estimated Number of Caspian Seals

12 Apr 2017

SOCAR Started Drilling New Well at Oil Rocks Field

28 Mar 2017

Kashagan Field Produced 2 Million Tons of Oil

27 Mar 2017

Experts call for activating Caspian Environmental Programme

17 Mar 2017

IOI Holds Seminar on Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan

10 Mar 2017

LUKOIL Started Drilling Fifth Well at Filanovsky Oilfield

07 Mar 2017

Agreement Signed on Caspian Seal Conservation

02 Mar 2017

Russian Company Will Develop Iranian Fields

27 Feb 2017

Poaching Discussed in Ashgabat

16 Feb 2017

Online Broadcast of Caspian Sea

14 Feb 2017

Kashagan is expected to produce 450 thousand barrels per day

13 Feb 2017

New Well to Be Drilled at Oil Rocks Field

10 Feb 2017

Seismic Survey off Absheron Peninsula Completed

08 Feb 2017

LUKOIL Signs Agreement on Reducing Environmental Impact

06 Feb 2017

EIB Ready to Invest in Absheron Field

03 Feb 2017

Trade Cooperation Discussed in Ashgabat

02 Feb 2017

International Tender Announced for Northern Goturdepe Well Construction

01 Feb 2017

Enlarged Separation Plant to be Built at Caspian Oilfield

31 Jan 2017

SOCAR to Drill 10 New Wells at Oil Rocks Oilfield

26 Jan 2017

SOCAR Commissions Oil Collecting Station at Oil Rocks

23 Jan 2017

Gunvor Revives Investments in Morskaya Caspian Oilfield

19 Jan 2017

Photo Exhibition devoted to Protected Areas Anniversary in Russia Opened in Astrakhan

18 Jan 2017

LUKOIL Extracts Millionth Ton of Oil at Filanovsky Field

16 Jan 2017

Flamingoes winter in Dagestan

13 Jan 2017

Dagestan Reserve Celebrates 30th Anniversary

12 Jan 2017

Caspian Sea legal status to be discussed in Ashgabat

11 Jan 2017

LUKOIL Expects to Double Oil Production in 2017

10 Jan 2017

Law ratifying the Agreement on Cooperation in Prevention and Containment of Emergencies on the Caspian Sea

09 Jan 2017

Caspian Oil Production Drops

15 Dec 2016

Turkmenistan to extract iodine from oil waste

12 Dec 2016

Turkmenistan to construct artificial island in Caspian Sea

08 Dec 2016

Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve Receices WWF Grant

06 Dec 2016

Maritime Safety Protocol Discussed in Ashgabat

28 Nov 2016

Caspian Sea legal status to be discussed in Ashgabat

24 Nov 2016

Aktau hosts meeting on geological map of Caspian Region

23 Nov 2016

Practical Conference "Oil Spills at Sea and on Land: Industrial Safety in Energy Complex"

22 Nov 2016

Coordinating Committee on Hydrometeorology of Caspian Sea meets in Baku

21 Nov 2016

Dagestan plans to build military facility

14 Nov 2016

Caspian Sea states discuss poaching

09 Nov 2016

More than 300 dead seals found on Caspian coast

07 Nov 2016

9th International Conference on Marine Mammals kicks off in Astrakhan

01 Nov 2016

Commercial production at Filanovsky oilfield started

31 Oct 2016

Unique ferries to be built in Azerbaijan

28 Oct 2016

Following Caspian status talks to be held in Ashgabat

27 Oct 2016

Legal status of Caspian Sea discussed in Tehran

24 Oct 2016

SOCAR puts new well into operation

21 Oct 2016

Indian ports to be linked with Caspian Sea

18 Oct 2016

Kazakhstan starts export from Kashagan oilfield

14 Oct 2016

Another embankment to be built on Caspian coast

10 Oct 2016

Dagestan to launch sturgeon-breeding project

06 Oct 2016

Caspian Fish Festival Held in Dagestan

05 Oct 2016

International Drills "Kaspiy -2016" Completed

04 Oct 2016

Commissioning Started at Kashagan Oilfield

03 Oct 2016

Sea Water Desalination Plant to be Built in Kazakhstan

30 Sep 2016

Remnants of Sunken Emperor's Fleet Found off Dagestan Coast

29 Sep 2016

Fire at Gunashli oil platform extinguished

27 Sep 2016

Russia, Azerbaijan Sign Emergency Co-operation Plan

21 Sep 2016

Aktau Sea Port Receives International Port Status

16 Sep 2016

Shells develops robot for monitoring Kashagan oilfield

13 Sep 2016

Kazakhstan stops issuing quotas for sturgeon catch

08 Sep 2016

Dagestan coast to be cleaned off rubbish

07 Sep 2016

Turkmen Interdepartmental Commission meets in Ashgabat

06 Sep 2016

Makhachkala to become centre of cruise tourism

01 Sep 2016

European companies express interest in oil production off Iranian Caspian coast

30 Sep 2016

Russia, Kazakhstan to discuss Caspian Sea legal status

26 Aug 2016

Second stage of Yu. Korchagin oilfield development approved

24 Aug 2016

Dagestan implements fish reproduction programme

23 Aug 2016

Iran. kazakhstan to sign agreement on co-operation in maritime traffic

22 Aug 2016

Sea tourism to be developed in Dagestan

19 Aug 2016

Divers to study Caspian Sea bottom in search of 18th century ships

18 Aug 2016

Aktau sea port hosts oil response exercises

17 Aug 2016

Turkmenistan holds comprehensive monitoring of Caspian Sea

16 Aug 2016

126 emergency wells to be abandoned in Kazakhstan

15 Aug 2016

Caspian Day celebrated in the region

12 Aug 2016

Trans-Caspian pipeline to be discussed in Ashgabat

11 Aug 2016

New international port to be built in Turkmenbashi

10 Aug 2016

Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan to extend co-operation in Caspian Sea

09 Aug 2016

Caspian Sea MFAs to discuss legal status of Caspian Sea

08 Jul 2016

Gas-chemical complex to be constructed in Azerbaijan

06 Jul 2016

Swimming banned on Makhachkala beaches

05 Jul 2016

Kazakhstan ratifies amendments to the agreement on Caspian Sea bottom delimitation

30 Jun 2016

Iran, Kazakhstan to build an oil refinery in an Iranian por

29 Jun 2016

Russia-Kazakhstan agreement on distribution of oil and gas bearing fields comes into force

28 Jun 2016

Participants of Kashagan project sign agreement on oil production procedure

27 Jun 2016

Large windpower plant to be launched in Caspian region

24 Jun 2016

Caspian sturgeons get genetic passports

23 Jun 2016

Rehabilitation of Volga-Akhtuba floodplain water bodies

22 Jun 2016

Protection of Caspian Sea bioresources discussed in Astana

21 Jun 2016

Pesticide manufacturing plant to be built in Azerbaijan

16 Jun 2016

Commercial drilling started at Filanovsky oilfield in Caspian Sea

15 Jun 2016

Legal status of Caspian Sea discussed in Moscow

14 Jun 2016

High flood levels expected in Astrakhan region for next following years

10 Jun 2016

Caspian Sea legal status to be discussed in Moscow

08 Jun 2016

Scientists set off for research expedition along the Volga

06 Jun 2016

Kazakhstan is building new port

03 Jun 2016

Turkmenistan speeds up development of Caspian shelf

02 Jun 2016

Oil and gas of the Caspian Sea

01 Jun 2016

Sturgeon juveniles released into the environment

31 May 2016

Three volumes of Caspian Sea encyclopaedia to be published soon

30 May 2016

Agreement on Caspian Sea bioresources comes into effect

26 May 2016

SOCAR and BP ink memorandum on geology prospecting

25 May 2016

Astrakhan to host Caspian media forum

24 May 2016

Astrakhan to host interantional conference on tourism

23 May 2016

Volga Day celebrated in Russia

20 May 2016

Astrakhan shipyards to build drilling rigs for Iran

19 May 2016

EU launches construction of TAP pipeline

18 May 2016

International Sturgeon Meeting to be held in Krasnodar

17 May 2016

Caspian states discuss extending ban for sturgeon fishing

16 May 2016

Monument to sturgeon put up in Atyrau

13 May 2016

Head of Dagestan meets Azerbaijan's Minister of Economic Development

12 May 2016

Meeting of Caspian region experts was held in Astrakhan

11 May 2016

SOCAR-AQS starts drilling new well

10 May 2016

Border patrol ship launched in Kazakhstan

06 May 2016

Shah-Deniz Consortium inks a $1.5b contract

05 May 2016

SOCAR launches a new platform

04 May 2016

Source: Caspianmonitoring.ru