Caspian Sea data 

CASPINFO aims to provide access to high quality, up-to-date marine, environmental datasets on metadata level, and it will even go as far as direct access to partners data itsself. This means that the data (after registration) can directly be downloaded from partner with online database or file systems.

At this stage of the project an inventory has been made of the possibilities and availability of datasets per partner. This information will be stored in (meta) databases. The online CASPINFO data & information service serves as a portal that provides search options for the users to easily find access to the data sources (EDMED).

Interoperability and harmonisation with other European systems are key conditions, following international standards is a "must". Therefore CASPINFO system developments are closely related to developments in European leading marine and oceanographic projects like SeaDataNet and SIMORC. The most recent formats of the metadatabases as well as the exchange formats and procedures will be taken as basis.

Please view and use the following pages about data in the Caspian Sea: